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These prints are sure to make anyone born in the 80’s nostalgic and make anyone under 20 feel like they have an in with the retro crowd. These prints are fun, whimsical and are bound to make someone’s day!


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To find the right size for you, measure from the bridge of your nose where the mask would sit, to an inch below your chin and choose the size closest to that measurement. round up if in doubt! If  your measurements are far outside those given, select other and contact me with your size and I will do everything I can to get you a proper fitting mask

Because these masks are all made to order, it will take up to 4 days for the masks to be made. If the order is over 3, please allow an extra day per mask.

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3.5 – 4 inches, 4.5 – 5 Inches, 5 – 5.5 Inches, 5.5 – 6 Inches, 6 – 6.5 Inches, 6.5 – 7 Inches, 7 – 7.5 Inches

Retro Prints

Curious George, Looney Toones, Ninja Turtles, Original Mouse, Peanuts, Take me Back, Yabba Dabba Doo

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