Welcome! Thank you for your visit and for supporting your community. This pattern is probably as comfortable as a mask can get, if I do say so myself. I modified several patterns to create a mask that is breathable, doesn’t strain your ears and doesn’t fog up glasses. It has a pocket that gives you the option to put in a filter and the nose strip is fully removable to make washing these easy-peasy. However, because of the elastic I would recommend not puting these in the dryer. Even with that “inconvenience”, these masks are a steal for $10 each or 3 for $25

To know what size to order measure from the bridge of your nose where the mask would sit, to an inch below your chin and choose the size closest to your measurements. I recommend rounding up. 

Large (19cm/7.4in), Medium (16cm/6in), Small (13cm/5in) and Child (11cm/4.3in).

The fabrics pictured below are all the designs you can choose from. All masks come with a white cotton lining but you can request another color for 2$ more.

Send any questions and orders to