Change is a-coming

I know it has been way too long since I wrote anything and I apologize for that. There is a lot going on in my life at the moment. I am having a hard time settling into my new reality and what it means for me as a writer. Here is a brief rundown of everything that has happened since December. In January I buckled down and hashed out my whole outline for book 2 and ironed out a few things for subsequent books that came up. In February I started writing book 2 and even got to chapter 6! I also enjoyed a wonderful V-Day with The Bearded One who always makes the holiday special without being ridiculous about it. This is the part of the story where things took an unexpected turn and while we are ecstatic, it has put a kink in my writing. In March we found out we were PREGNANT! After 4 years of trying it finally happened! There is only one problem with this, and its only a problem for my writing side, I can now truly and honestly verify that prego-brain is 100% a real thing. I have found it hard to think in any sort of linear fashion, let alone try and write out thoughts, actions and words of other people. So now I am kind of waiting on my brain to get on board with me so that Book 2 can be finished before this baby come because I know better than to think I will get any writing done for at least 6 months ( I know I am being really optimistic) after Peanut arrives.

In other news my bestie and I went to a Christopher Paolini signing in Livingston MT. This is where i admit that I have never gotten into the Inheritance Circle craze but my bestie is a HUGE fan. So we ended up going, her to fan-girl, me to support her, but I ended up having a blast. The room was packed but since it was such a small library there were only about 30ish people so it felt way more close and personal than I was expecting of such a big time author. I can now say that I am a Paolini fan if for nothing else than he proves that even the authors who have “mad it” can still be goofy and real and really encouraging to others. I asked a few questions about self publishing and how to get the word out there and he was very helpful. Such a coo guy and a really fun bestie experience. Yes, we are total weirdos and we’ve embraced it.